Laser Gum Treatment

laser-at-beltran-periodontics-in-orlando-fl One of the major breakthroughs in modern dentistry is the utilization of lasers to perform various treatments and in-office procedures.  Lasers provide numerous benefits over traditional surgical techniques, and Dr. Beltran can evaluate your treatment needs to determine if you are a candidate for laser treatment.

More Convenient, Less Discomfort!

Most discomfort following a dental procedure is a direct result of the heat and pressure generated by hand instruments as well as the dental drill.  Because lasers neither produce excessive heat nor pressure, the amount of bleeding during the procedure is drastically reduced, and the amount of swelling following the procedure is virtually eliminated.  Dr. Beltran utilizes a laser to perform procedures such as cosmetic gum recontouring (treatment for a ‘gummy smile’), frenectomy (tongue-tie), exposure of impacted teeth, etc.  Call today for your complimentary smile evaluation and to see if you can benefit from laser dentistry.