Full-Mouth Implants

full-mouth-implants-at-beltran-periodontics-in-orlando-fl Missing all of your teeth can have a devastating impact on the quality of life. It often makes people appear older than they actually feel. Unsecured dentures are an old-fashioned solution to replace all of the teeth.  You may have already experienced the discomfort and inconvenience that wearing unsecured dentures cause, not to mention the recurring dental appointments required to adjust and maintain them.  An ill-fitting denture not only makes chewing a variety of foods difficult, but also it may even affect how you speak and pronounce certain words.

All-On-4 Dental Implants

With modern dentistry, a solution now exists that can eliminate all of these issues and can even take place in one day!  The All-on-4 dental implant protocol provides a simple, stable, and permanent option to replace all of the teeth.  With the placement of two to four implants upon which an overdenture is attached and supported, incredible stability can be achieved.  The presence of implants in the underlying bone maintains the bone levels and therefore the structural support of the lips and cheeks.  Furthermore, your teeth will no longer set the limits as to which foods you can enjoy.  Let us help you life your life to the fullest!