CT Scans

ctscan-at-beltran-periodontics-in-orlando-fl X-rays have been used to diagnose dental disease and evaluate dental anatomy for decades.  But until recently, these traditional x-rays only provided a 2D image of the teeth and bone.  Imagine how much more you could learn about objects if you could actually see them from the inside, life size and in color.  Studying a photograph of a house does not compare to walking through the house room-by-room.  CBCT provides images in three dimensions so it allows precise treatment planning to occur before, rather than during treatment delivery. 

One low-dose CBCT scan generates an extremely accurate assessment of bone quality, quantity, as well as a better understanding of associated anatomical relationships in three dimensions.  For these reasons, our office utilizes CBCT scanning technology to present treatment options and plan with precise accuracy prior to starting treatment.  The confidence generated from CBCT technology improves efficiency, work quality and most importantly treatment predictability.